About Us


Move Green Global is a well-established company which commits to bring you products concerning TECHNOLOGY, HEALTH, INNOVATION & ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION.


Technology is essential and becomes a vital part of human's daily life. Technology makes life more easier, more convenient and more meaningful. It enhances the quality of life and allows human beings to be more fascinated about the future. Admittedly technology is a time machine which leads us to the future and therefore the fancy dreamland of human beings comes true in our recent daily life.


Health and Environmental Protection are the other two Important disciplines of our life. Due to the rapid development of drugs, biotechnology, medical instruments and devices, human beings is able to encounter various bacteria and diseases. It enables us to prolong our life cycles. In the meantime, our life safety is challenged by the deteriorating ecosystem. Hence, Health and Environmental protection become our main concern.


Innovation is the key of success of technology. The concept and ideology of innovation encourages scientists and inventors to develop and it fosters society to step forward.


Our Mission


The mission of Move Green Global is to help individuals/households to attain an optimal point upon the application of the values/concepts of TECHNOLOGY, HEALTH, INNOVATION & ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION in our daily life.