Move Green Global Smart Home 智能家居

Security Sensor

Motion Sensor
Made with wireless communicating module that detects any movements in your home area.

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Main Features

- ZigBee 1.2 HA Compliant
- Low consumption ZigBee module
- High stability
- Alarm in time via mobile app when movement is detected
- Support linkage with lighting system
- Record for motion detection

Move Green Global Smart Home 智能家居

Main Specification

Operating Voltage DC3V (1*CR2450 button battery)
Current Standby Current: ≤16uA
Alarm Current: ≤30mA
Installation Height 2.1m
Detecting Distance: 9-12 m
Angle: 110 degrees
Operating Ambient Temperature: -10 ~ 50C
Humidity: maximum 95%RH (no condensation)
Networking Mode: ZigBee Ad-Hoc Networking
Distance: ≤ 100 m (open area)
Anti-RF Interference 10MHz – 1GHz 20 V/m
Dimension 65(L) x 65(W) x 28(H) mm