Move Green Global Smart Home 智能家居

Security Sensor

Multi Sensor
Notice you about the home temperature and humidity, through mobile to let you control air conditioner or other electrical appliances.
Lighting will be on immediately when motion is detected. Notification will be pushed to your mobile.

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Main Features

- Temperature and humidity display
- Motion detection
- Alarm in time via mobile app when movement is detected
- Support linkage with lighting system
- Record for motion detection

Move Green Global Smart Home 智能家居

Main Specification

Wireless Connectivity ZigBee 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4
ZigBee Profile Home Automation Profile
Smart Energy Profile (optional)
Range outdoor/indoor 100m/30m
Anti-RF Interference 10MHz - 1GHz 20 V/m
Operating Voltage DC 3V (2 x AA battery)
Battery Life 2 years
Current Standby Current: ≤40uA
Alarm Current: ≤30mA
Temperature Range: -10 ~ +50° C
Accuracy: ± 0.4°
Humidity Range: 0~80% RH
Accuracy: ± 4% RH
Illuminance Range: 0 ~128 klx
Resolution: 0.1 lx
Operating Ambient Temperature: -10 ~ 50C
Humidity: maximum 95%RH (no congelation)
Installation Height 2.1m
Detecting Distance: 6m
Angle: 120°
Dimensions 83(L) x 83(W) x 28(H) mm
Weight 65g